CWU Wins Best Washington IT Award

@WA Tech Apr 18
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Eight agencies and two state employees received “Best of Washington” Awards for the use of innovative technologies to improve and more efficiently deliver public services.

Gov. Jay Inslee delivered opening remarks to summit attendees, and was on hand to congratulate the award winners at a Nov. 7 ceremony during the 20th annual Digital Government Summit in Olympia.

“Government is just as innovative as the private tech sector,” Inslee said. “We are a player at the table and our bright ideas are going to stick around and ultimately improve people’s lives.”

“This is a great opportunity for IT professionals who work public service to be recognized for the truly innovative and valuable work they perform every day for Washington state,” said state CIO and Washington Technology Solutions Director Jim Weaver, who announced the award winners during the ceremony.

The state agency winners are:

  • The Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Website Redesign Project Team for transforming its “Wildlife Areas” section through the use of drop-down menus, maps and lists for better navigation.

| — | | | | Members of the Central Washington University’s Academic Planning System project 2.0 (CAPS+) team accept their “Best of Washington IT” award at a ceremony in Olympia on Nov. 7. Governor Jay Inslee, left, presented the awards to each team. (Photo courtesy of eRepublic). | * The Washington Health Benefit Exchange’s IT Infrastructure and Technology Team for migrating the technology supporting the state’s Health Plan Finder into the cloud. The move to the cloud greatly improves both security and the ability to recover the system in the event of a crippling natural disaster or other event. * The Washington State Department of Transportation’s Information Technology Division Cloud Team. The team migrated the agency’s internal line-of-business applications to the cloud, including a system heavily used by the agency’s Maintenance Division to track all aspects of its business. * The County Road Administration Board’s GIS-Mo Project Team. County roads account for 50% of all public roads in Washington. The team created a highly improved roads asset management system using spatial data, with mobile capabilities. * Central Washington University’s Academic Planning System project 2.0 (CAPS+) team. The team replaced an antiquated, manual degree planning system with a mobile-friendly software application that degree-seeking students may use for both planning and course scheduling. * Washington State Arts Commission’s My Public Art Portal project team. The new portal includes more than 5,000 arts works and related interpretive text, images, maps and other data. * The Washington Department of Revenue’s Information Services Division for its implementation of the $80 million Tax and Licensing Replacement System (TLSR) project. The project implemented a modern, integrated commercial-off-the-shelf tax and business licensing system that manages the collection of $50 billion in revenues collected by the state each biennium. * The Washington State Geographic Information System (GIS) teams. The teams, which include chief information officers and GIS managers from 30 state agencies, work to develop best practices and implement innovative IT solutions. These are shared through a single online platform at

The individual winners are:

  • Tommy Weed, Information Technology Manager for the Washington Traffic Safety Commission. His accomplishments, in just two years on the job, include navigating the agency through a successful third-party audit and creating an IT strategic framework for the agency.
  • Jamie Hays, Loan and Grant Program Coordinator for the Pollution Liability Insurance Agency (PLIA). With no prior IT experience, Jamie lead the agency to develop a new enterprise IT solution to support project management for its Loan and Grant Program. The project was completed within scope, on schedule and under budget. Jamie’s leadership on the project in the agency receiving a Certificate of Project Excellence by the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

The Digital Government Summit in Olympia is one of several regional summits established across the nation by Government Technology. The annual awards recognize leadership in technology and innovation across the public sector.