Hotel Windrow expects to be up and running by Nov. 10

@Rodney Harwood Apr 18
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It’s going to cost a little more than planned and will take a little longer to complete, but the first downtown hotel in 38 years will be everything designers ever dreamed, according to the building owners.

The $15.5 million Hotel Windrow ran into some unforeseen construction issues, delaying the initial target date from Sept. 26 until Nov. 10, but other than that, Steve Townsend and his managing partners Rory Turner and Paul Jinneman are pleased with the progress of first downtown hotel since Webster Hotel burned down in 1981.

“There’s been a delay in getting our permanent power going, particularly the elevator, and we haven’t been able to transport things to the upper floors,” Townsend said. “The elevator equipment has arrived and the elevator people are going to start working a week from (Monday).

“Getting the elevator running is the key to the whole thing. Our elevators will be up and running by the end of October and that will allow us to do a lot of things at once.”

The Hotel Windrow and Basalt, a 59-room, four-story hotel and restaurant, will have four meeting rooms in the hotel and use of the ballroom in the adjacent Elks Building with an additional meeting room. The first-floor dining facility will feature the creations of Larkin Young, executive chef for Basalt.

“It’s going to be spectacular and everything I hoped it would be,” Townsend said. “One of the silver linings with the delay is the hotel and the restaurant will now open together. If it would have opened in October, we wouldn’t have been ready in the restaurant side.”

The ballroom in the Elks Building is currently serving a warehouse for decor, furniture, linen, equipment et cetera, which will allow crews to move once the elevator service is up and running.

“The beds will be arriving from Asia by early October. Here we were in a rush to get everything here and when we got pushed back, we had to find a way to slow it all down because we had no place to put it all,” Townsend said. “Around the first of October, we’re going to receive eight, 40-foot containers of furniture.

“The third and fourth floor will be ready at that point, but the elevators will not. So going to hoist a lot of stuff up through the third and fourth-floor windows.”

The 59-room establishment will also feature valet parking, rooftop dining, revolving front door and a sweeping grand staircase in its iconic return to establishing a downtown hotel.

Patience has been the catchphrase to the project, but things will happen in a hurry once the permanent power is in place.

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