Ellensburg High School students will be putting their entrepreneurial spirit to the test during a three-day-long exercise in market competition this week.

Over 20 students in Jarod Rollins’ Intro to Marketing class will be divided into three teams to market, prepare and distribute their renditions of grilled cheese from a Central Washington University food truck to 150 prospective “buyers” beginning Tuesday through Thursday at Ellensburg High School.

“The students are doing everything. We’ve used it as a tool to bring business into the classroom,” Rollins said. “Everything from market research, advertising, pricing and costing. You name it down to human resources, types, things. Operations, processes. So every aspect that we’ve we’ve gone through has been an opportunity to have hands on learning in the classroom.”

“It started off as an idea for a pilot program … brought to us from Margaret Reich at CenterFuse, and in conjunction with (ESD’s) Marcy Matthews,” Rollins said. “(Reich) had a lot of connections already with other organizations such as (CWU’s) Food and Catering departments, and Manastash Media, and some other ones as well.” read more