From broadband feasibility studies to analyzing recycling and waste-to-product opportunities to historic revitalization, we have the professional team to achieve results.


In 2020, with grant funding from Washington State Department of Commerce, CenterFuse retained CCG Consulting (CCG) to perform the following work:

1. Conduct a Needs Assessment: Analyze broadband needs and conduct a comprehensive review of current and future broadband needs and affordability of services, a service gap analysis, future demand, etc., via industry-accepted evaluation methods.

2. Conduct Local Broadband Environment Assessment: Identify broadband service providers, options and costs; assess the broadband environment, detailing the types of services, pricing, availability and limitations, and compare to target broadband standards; identify potential areas for partnership among local and state government, and incumbent/competitive providers; perform a technical evaluation of the city’s existing fiber-optic network.

3. Provide visualizations and maps to facilitate analysis of the broadband environment, including the current broadband infrastructure; penetration and usage of broadband services; service territories; backhaul routes; and other information necessary for clarity.

4. Recommend broadband strategy: Articulate, by priority, opportunities to support current growth and long-term community broadband needs, including, as applicable, a broadband partnership solution.


Kittitas County (County) in partnership with Central Washington University, Yakima County the Ellensburg Business Development Authority, has been awarded a grant from the Department of Ecology Recycling Development Center to support a feasibility study of secondary recycling markets, with an eye towards a regional, comprehensive action plan. The feasibility study will consider the County’s unique position geographically at the crossroads of two interstate freeways, a strong community desire to protect natural capital, and demonstrated ability to build and sustain effective public/private partnerships.

Ellensburg is a top ten micro-region for population growth and is the hub for progressive economic development. Recently the County joined their neighboring county, Yakima, and banned the acceptance of glass materials from their recycling streams.  This ban was brought about by the cost of the long haul to recycling facilities in the state.  While this has been a challenge for the citizens, the County recognized that the situation also presented an opportunity to look at glass and all recyclable materials with an innovative eye to a sustainable, secondary market.  The County, due to geographic position, has an opportunity to become known as the secondary recycling marketplace in central Washington.


In 1889, Wealthy rancher and Kittitas County Commissioner Sylvanus Ray Geddis built the Geddis Block. Geddis owned a number of properties in Ellensburg and throughout the Kittitas Valley. This structure includes iron columns imported from Chicago. The upper floor was the Vendome Hotel and now houses apartments and offices. Recent renovations have exposed the original brickwork and retail bays framed by the cast-iron Columns.

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