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CenterFuse Connects

  • Build and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships
  • Anticipate business opportunities and development.
  • Be accountable, professional and transparent.
  • Use creativity and innovation to accomplish our work.
  • Enhance living standards and economic vitality in Ellensburg.

Who We Are

CenterFuse is Ellensburg’s Business Development Authority. We operate as a public development authority and a non-profit 501c6 organization. Our mission is to connect businesses with the resources so they can start, grow and prosper.

What We Do

We offer a concierge or white glove service to our customers which may include available property search (many properties are available but known only by locals), workforce verification, and assistance with regulatory navigation. We are your personal guide to getting started or growing in Ellensburg.


We are all about business success. Whether its connecting businesses with local resources, commissioning a broadband feasibility study, identifying and addressing obstacles and opportunities to private development, expanding business clusters, and more, we are here to help.

Let us help!

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Upcoming Events

December 2024 Board Meeting

December 11 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm