Our Vision

CenterFuse has an active role to ensure Ellensburg has a vibrant and prosperous local economy that values its history and natural beauty.

Our Core Principles

  • 1 Build and sustain mutually beneficial partnerships
  • 2 Anticipate business opportunities and development.
  • 3 Enhance living standards and economic vitality in Ellensburg.
  • 4 Use creativity and innovation to accomplish our work.
  • 5 Be accountable, professional and transparent.

How We Work

Monthly board meetings energized by 3 subcommittees.

Strategy & Operations

Marketing, Business Recruitment, Goverment Relations. It's all covered in this committee. Meets 2-3x a month.

Space & New Development

Land and buildings suitable for economic growth and innovation opportunities. Meets 2-3x a month.

Local Economic Sustainability

Supporting existing and new business success this committee core focus is to make it easier for businesses to thrive in Ellensburg.